President, Founder

Shellie Caplan

Shellie Caplan, President and Founder, has built Caplan Associates into the go-to destination for executives in the healthcare industry who are either looking for top talent, top senior level positions, or top quality executive coaching.  In recent years, with Shellie’s direction, Caplan Associates has dramatically grown in size and depth, and has been recognized in the industry for its creativity and expertise in their career transition and coaching services, while continuing to be a leader in executive search.

Shellie’s leadership and dedication to her clients and the healthcare industry has resulted in Caplan Associates consistently being called on to mentor some of the top executives in healthcare marketing. She frequently provides senior level counsel to global CEOs, presidents, CMOs and communications leaders.  

With 35 years of expertise in career management and executive search , Shellie knows that career advice, talent acquisition, and job transitions carry significant responsibility.  That’s why Shellie finds nothing more satisfying than running into clients who thank her for advice she gave them years ago which helped them reach their goals and become the professionals they are today.

While Shellie started her career as an executive search consultant, she quickly found that her candidates and clients valued her keen insights and spot-on intuition developed through years of experience. This led her to expand her capabilities, become a certified coach, and develop two new divisions along with her Executive Search practice, Career Transition Services, and Coaching

Shellie’s deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, combined with years of experience advising the “C” level executive, give her the unique ability to create tailored programs that help executives who want to achieve the highest level of performance for themselves, their organizations and the people they serve.  

Shellie specializes in offering practical advice straight from the heart and is armed with a portfolio of proprietary products and services to meet a diversity of needs. She remains visible, up to date, and knowledgeable about industry trends, company’s portfolios, healthcare issues and other information necessary to be an asset to her clients.    

One of the original members of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), Shellie has helped the organization grow from just over 200 members, to a global organization with over 6,000 members and 15 chapters. A 2007 HBA STAR Volunteer Award recipient, Shellie is a role model for the organization’s volunteers. Dividing her time between her thriving business, HBA and other organizations related to healthcare, Shellie’s greatest accomplishment, which she loves to boast about, is being a single mother of grown triplets and grandmother of 4.