Executive coaching

executive career coaching

When guidance is needed to achieve career goals or to overcome obstacles

The healthcare industry is in transformational change. In order to navigate that change, the key is to have highly effective leadership. Caplan Associates specializes in helping individuals raise the bar with leadership development strategies through our executive coaching services—helping executives grow their leadership skills by unlocking their natural talent and untapped potential.

Company Sponsored Services

One on one – A program developed to provide specific coaching in areas such as:

    • Leadership strengthening skills 
    • Reinforcement of corporate objectives with personal goals
    • Improvement of interpersonal skills
    • Enhancing management expertise and creating employee loyalty 
    • Perfecting decision making skills
    • Honing business acumen

Team Coaching –  A coaching program designed for a department or team that fosters enviable relations and collaboration to achieve:   

    • More guidance in working cohesively toward a mutual goal
    • Better defined roles
    • Establishing enhanced communication channels
    • Improving team member relationships
    • Creating a more copasetic working team environment

Individual Coaching A personalized program specifically designed to meet the individual’s objectives and strengthen capabilities to influence their career path such as:

    • Developing more professional skills
    • Improving the skills they already have
    • Overcoming career obstacles
    • Mapping their career path
    • Identifying further requirements needed to achieve career goals
    • Deciding on a career move

Speed CoachingShort term sessions designed to get to issues quickly, offering practical solutions and advice leading to immediate impact on situations such as:

    • Solving a problem on a project
    • Facilitating better communication with a boss, colleague or employee
    • Creating a more positive and successful working relationship with a client
    • Reacting to conflicts
    • Interview preparation

Many Advanced Notice or Segue transition services can be incorporated into our Coaching programs.