Segue – Practical Career Transition Solutions

For the individual in transition:
Segue™ Practical Career Transition Solutions

Could this be you?
You find yourself the victim of a merger or downsizing situation… or, you want to change directions in your career, but don’t know how … or, you want to learn how to gain the advantage over your colleagues … or, you hit a glass ceiling because you don’t have the skills to qualify for the next rung on the ladder, now what? … or, you are getting the calls, but not winning the positions … or, you want to learn how to be more in control of your career’s direction … or, you know you need to improve the way you present yourself.

We can help:
Through Segue™ Career Transition Solutions, we can help prepare you for that all-important next step– as well as help you to achieve your ultimate career goals. Our seminars or personal one-on-one coaching will help guide you through a number of critical processes that can help you develop as an executive. Included among our personal coaching services are:

  • Resume Revamping – Learn how to update, strengthen and tailor your resume for greater success in gaining target interviews or introductions.
  • Personal Positioning – Learn how to create a unique image for yourself; learn how to market your talents and experience in a way that will effectively separate you from the competition
  • Networking – Learn how to be successful in developing and maintaining a useful network of contacts and how to find potential opportunities through your contacts. Learn to prepare an effective 1-minute presentation that both you and your advocates can use.
  • Power interviewing – Learn the psychology of interviewing and how to prepare to get the best results. Learn to refine your skills to effectively adapt to each interviewing style – including appropriate body language and dress – and to develop a strong follow-up communication to enhance your meeting and to reinforce or change an impression.
  • Career Mapping – Learn how to identify career goals and create a plan that includes moving into positions that will present opportunities to develop skills required for further growth. Learn to overcome career obstacles and successfully market them.
  • Skill Acquisition & Refinement – Lean how to identify necessary skills for targeted positions and learn how to develop them. Learn how to enhance current skill sets