Grad Advantage

grad advantage 

Entry Level Job Sourcing Skills for ALL industries

Are you prepared?

You’re ready to graduate or have just graduated, and it’s time to start looking for that first full time job that you’ve been working so hard in educating yourself for.  BUT, do you have:

            • The best skills to compete with the thousands of others?  
            • A resume that is an attention getter?  
            • A network of people to help you source some of these opportunities?  
            • That one minute introductory description of yourself when meeting new people?  

Graduates looking for a job need to be competitive with crackerjack skills, attention getting resumes, a network to source opportunities and a crystal clear description of why you are the best candidate.

The Competitive Edge:

With hundreds of thousands of students graduating every year, it is imperative that you know all the dynamics of searching for a job.  There are just so many jobs, even in the best of times, so you need to learn what can give you that competitive edge.  Grad Advantage takes the time to teach you the skills you need, and helps you polish them so that you can choose what job you want, instead of having to take any job that’s offered to you.  Grad Advantage is available in a one on one coaching program or in a small seminar session.  This allows us to personally help teach you the most successful techniques in sourcing that perfect job.

Caplan Associates will assist you in:

  • Creating a Winning Resume – learn how to present your part time jobs and previous undergrad experiences to stand out from all the rest.
  • The Art of Networking – making the most of the contacts you have and how to turn them into job referrals
  • Create a Skills Assessment – Become practiced at listing your strengths, and why they are an asset.
  • Introductory One Minute Speech – Learn how to impress people with a one minute overview of yourself, either while networking, randomly meeting someone new, or at the beginning of an interview.  
  • Interview Preparation – without preparing for an interview, don’t expect to be called back for a second interview.  Learn what’s really important and why. 
  • Hard core Interviewing Skills – It’s important to know all the psychological nuances that are taking place in an interview, and how to successfully present yourself.  Learn to know what questions you may be asked and what are the appropriate answers.
  • Dress/Image – How you dress and present yourself is part of the package that the company is considering buying. Learn what is appropriate and timely. 
  • Follow-up after an Interview – Learn what a successful follow-up communication is, and how to change a possible negative first impression.

 Additional coaching sessions available when on the job.