Advanced Notice

advance notice

Pre-outplacement Services
for employers who want to help transitioning employees enhance their marketability.   

The Problem

With a merger, down-sizing or other organizational change that requires a layoff of employees, the impact on the corporation can be great, especially in terms of public perception, customer reaction, Wall Street response, as well as residual employee morale and productivity. If not moderated, this can result in an unnecessary and negative impact on the corporate reputation, not to mention the bottom line.

The “Compassionate” Solution

It is becoming increasingly evident that corporations who provide immediate assistance to their transitioning employees have much to gain. Pre-outplacement assistance in the form of skill-building, career counseling and practical job-search training programs can greatly enhance the marketability of these employees, and prepare them to move on to similar or better positions sooner rather than later. This approach can have the multiple effects of reducing stress levels, truncating the transition process and minimizing the setback to the corporation. It can also significantly reduce the cost of some necessary outplacement.

Why Caplan Associates before outplacement?

Outplacement firms typically get thousands of dollars per person. Caplan Associates conducts affordable seminars  empowering the individual with specific tools and knowledge, so they are equipped to navigate and succeed in the job search. Many of these employees have not been in the job market for many years and it can be daunting for them. We teach them skills in a group setting where they meet people in the same situation and can interact with each other during the job hunting process. We are also available to continue coaching individuals on a one-on-one basis. 

Caplan Associates designs practical programs to provide corporations with immediate transitioning support.

 Advanced Notice Pre-outplacement Transition Services will help you with:

  • Resume Optimization – How to update, strengthen and tailor a resume to ensure greater success in gaining target interviews or introductions
  • Personal Positioning – How to create a unique personal image; learn how to market talent and experience, and stand out from the competition
  • Networking – How to build and maintain a useful network of contacts; how to find potential opportunities through the network; and how to create a 1-minute personal presentation for use within the network
  • Power Interviewing – How to understand the psychology of interviewing and learn how to prepare to get the best results; how to effectively adapt to each interviewing style; develop strong follow-up communications to enhance your meeting, and reinforce or change an impression
  • Career Mapping – How to identify career goals and create a plan that includes winning positions that will present opportunities to develop skills required for further growth
  • Skill Acquisition & Refinement – How to identify necessary skills for targeted positions and learn how to develop them; learn how to enhance current skill sets